Who We Are

We believe in the power of the arts to transform lives and communities.

The Arts Council Wichita Falls (Arts Council WF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and enriching our community by supporting individual creativity, cultural preservation, economic development and lifelong learning through the arts.

Formed in 1994, The Arts Council has renovated and restored two Texas historical and Wichita Falls landmarks: The Kemp and The Forum, which provide gallery exhibit spaces, classrooms, an auditorium, various performance venues and over 12,000 square feet of corporate, wedding and event rental space.

Through classes, outreach programs and events, The Arts Council offers education, experiences and promotion of creative and cultural expression for artists, students and residents of all ages and backgrounds, providing opportunities and collaboration for those who may not otherwise have access.

Preserving the history of our community.
Art is a powerful tool for preserving history as it provides a visual representation of the past that can communicate complex ideas and emotions. Art can capture historical events, cultural traditions, and societal values in a way that is accessible to future generations. It also serves as a reminder of the contributions of past artists and the evolution of artistic styles and themes over time.

The Forum (2120 Speedway Avenue) began in 1927 as the home of The Woman’s Forum, a women’s social and philanthropic organization founded by the women of Wichita Falls’ rapidly expanding ranch and oil community. In 2010 the aging building was deeded to the Arts Council and an extensive renovation project was undertaken to restore and repair the facility. Currently known as “The Forum”, the building helps support the Arts Council’s Performance Arts programming and provides over 12000 square feet of room rental.


The Kemp (1300 Lamar Street) was built in 1917 at the request of Flora Kemp who, when asked by her husband Joseph what she would like for her birthday, suggested a public library. The library opened its doors in 1918 with a donation of 4000 books provided by the community. In 1998, the City of Wichita Falls leased the then-defunct historic building to the Arts Council, which began an extensive renovation project to restore the building. The result was The Kemp Center for the Arts, which opened it’s doors in 2002. Currently the building and grounds house 5 gallery exhibit spaces, three classrooms and an auditorium, all available for room rental.