Youth: Beginning Anime / Manga (monthly)

Location: Kemp Center for the Arts Date: Every Tues. 9/11 - 5/21, 4-5pm, except 11/21, 12/25, 1/1, & 3/19.
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This class focuses on Original Character Development. You will learn to draw them from multiple angles, then properly color & ink. Different mediums will be used as you progress toward learning how to storyboard and panel your very own manga!


Registration is per month. All classes begin on the first Tuesday of the month.  Call 940-767-2787 with any questions.

Class Waiver

I acknowledge that my child may participate in a variety of activities provided at the Kemp and I represent that he or she is physically fit to do so.  I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknow, which maight be incurred as a result of participating in the program.  I give permissionn for my child to be photographed for publicity and/or archival purposes, including but not limited to use on Center's website, social media site(s), print and electronic newsletters, regional print and broadcast media.  My child will participate in all days of camp.

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