Donations To The Arts Council (Automatic Recurring Donations)

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How Can I Support The Arts Council?

There are several ways you can financially support Arts Council activities and events through your RECURRING GIFT:

General Donations and Annual Fund Drive
Event Sponsorship
Honorarium and Memorial
Endowment Fund

When you donate to the Arts Council you’re helping to:

You can also choose to become a sponsor of specific Arts Council events, such as:

You can dedicate your gift in the name of a special person through an Honorarium or Memorial gift. Both gifts have the added value of helping others for years to come - they give at least three times:

  1. honoring your recipient with a gift of personal meaning
  2. helping The Arts Council to fulfill its mission
  3. helping to provide free gallery admission, free school field trips and distance learning, free hands-on arts programming, scholarships, and events

In addition, The Kemp Center for the Arts Endowment at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation was made possible by a charitable bequest from a dedicated Kemp supporter and artist. This endowment is important to the perpetuity of the Kemp Center for the Arts’ contribution to the arts in the Wichita Falls area.